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Reliable Credit Supports Mercy Corps Programs

A prominent consumer finance company based in the Pacific Northwest, Reliable Credit supports the efforts of several charitable organizations, including Mercy Corps. An international nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty, suffering, and oppression, Mercy Corps helps develop stable and healthy communities in countries across six continents. In all of its work, Mercy Corps adheres to its core values of respect for human dignity and responsible stewardship of resources.

To accomplish its mission, Mercy Corps works to help people in both rural villages and large cities, from families, the elderly, and young people, to farmers and small business owners. The organization sponsors programs in several key areas, including agriculture and food, economic opportunity, environmental stewardship, health, water, governance, and many more. Mercy Corps works hard to develop sustainable community infrastructure, which ultimately equips individuals with the tools necessary to improve their quality of life.

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Reliable Credit: The Story of the Children’s Cancer Association

Extending loans to consumers in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, Reliable Credit Association Inc. also supports numerous philanthropic organizations, including Mercy Corps, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Special Olympics, and the Children’s Cancer Association.

When 5-year-old Alexandra Ellis was battling cancer, she maintained a sense of courage and a positive outlook even during the darkest times. Inspired by their daughter, Regina and Cliff Ellis created the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) in 1995, shortly after Alexandra’s death. Understanding families’ non-medical needs in the face of a child’s cancer diagnosis, the founders of CCA opened the Alexandra Ellis Resource Center in the Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel in Portland, Oregon. The center holds books and computers that help families research the latest diagnostic and treatment options. Reaching out nationally, the association offers a National Childhood Cancer Directory Resource.

In addition to supplying valuable information, the CCA strives to provide emotional support. Its Music Rx program replaces anxiety with joy through music therapists and volunteers as well as mobile music carts stacked with instruments, digital players like iPods, and karaoke machines. Through the association’s Chemo Pal program, children and teens get matched with a trained volunteer who brings moments of fun and friendship to the isolating treatment experience. For a break from the hospital routine, the CCA offers some families a free stay at its Caring Cabin, a four-bedroom retreat on a lake along the Oregon Coast.

Each year the CCA hosts its signature fundraising event, called the Celebration of Courage, where it displays the Wall of Courage. This annual exhibit includes the photographs and profiles of 25 kids who earned “Community Hero” status through their grace and bravery while fighting a life-threatening illness.

Special Olympics’ Project UNIFY Focused on Helping Disabled by Reliable Credit

Project UNIFY, an educational initiative that has taken root across schools in America, uses sports as a way to unify and educate young people about disorders and disabilities. The goal is that, through education and sports programs created by the Special Olympics, school communities will continue to help change the future for people with disabilities.

Now in its fifth year of activities, the project has worked with more than 1,700 schools across the country. The project promotes youth leadership and communication between schools, with young people uniting communities and promoting the work of Special Olympics through participation in events, including games and tournaments, global youth congress, athlete-leadership programs, and youth summits.

Reliable Credit specializes in direct loans and dealer-sales financing in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Reliable Credit supports a number of charities, including the Special Olympics, Children’s Cancer Association, and Harper’s Playground.

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